A one-stop complete management system for growth-stage brokers

MFXTradeHaven empowers growing brokers to streamline their trading technology requirements, risk management, and trading analytics. Our software offers exceptionally competitive pricing, seamless execution, robust risk management and a comprehensive bridge service, all with an affordable monthly subscription fee. 

Capitalise on a cost-effective hedging dark pool with like-minded participants

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Strategies that can help you achieve an additional  revenue stream of
Monthly fees starting from
Perfectly crafted pricing
Benefit from highly competitive, finely tuned pricing.
Our robust protection measures safeguard your business from coordinated trading and unforeseen risks.
Optional upgrade to money-making skew strategy
Create a whole new revenue stream worth an additional $10-20/m.
Classifier technology
Our cutting-edge classifier technology distinguishes between excellent and unfavourable business and directs flow accordingly.
Algorithmic hedging
Intelligent hedgers using highly optimised signal information constantly refine the approach much faster than a human is capable of.
Liquidity reduction
Protect against clients consuming liquidity faster and ahead of the published book.
Optional upgrade to MahiMarkets’ bridge solution - MFXConnect.

User friendly interface

Trading control at your fingertips

How it works

What our clients say

I can confidently say that MahiMarkets' approach to electronic trading sets them apart in the industry. In an era where technology floods the market, they bring a refreshing blend of cutting-edge solutions and hands-on trading expertise. What distinguishes MahiMarkets is their excellent understanding of the challenges brokers face in the evolving landscape of electronic trading. In an industry where success hinges on staying ahead of the curve, MahiMarkets stands out when it comes to innovation. We see MahiMarkets as more than just a technology provider, they are strategic allies dedicated to the success of our business.
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Membership Benefits
  • Automatic trade classification using proprietary intelligence to ensure business is ‘clean’ and categorised to maximise profit
  • Hedging is expensive for growing brokers; hedge at the most efficient times, cheaply in a trusted pool with other ‘guests’
  • Fed up of your B-book hurting from the increasingly sophisticated herding characteristics of retail flow? Use our systematic internalisation technology to optimise your B-book experience instead
  • Say goodbye to unstable pricing and execution and benefit from built in protections, liquidity reduction and last-look
  • Lower your connectivity costs by upgrading to a robust, technically advanced yet cost effective bridge
  • Create a whole new revenue stream by unlocking access to extremely profitable money making skew strategies with an optional upgrade
  • MFXEcho-Lite included for trade, market data, spreads and client pricing analysis
Become a partner
  • Benefit from trusted ‘clean flow’ with yield due to a predictable systematic execution style
  • New customers = more money sitting in your account
  • MFXTradeHaven ensures the broker can survive in the ecosystem and execute differently. That predictable business now comes to you
  • Less competition in the stack means more flow for you