We are a leading trading technology firm with a strong trading background.

Great technology fit - they gave us a rapid uplift from a ‘first/second generation e-pricing and hedging platform’ to having the pricing and hedging capability equal to that of a top 10 FX bank.
MahiMarkets Client

Susan & David Cooney, MahiMarkets Co-Founders

As the former team heading up Barclays Capital’s award-winning platform BARX, Susan and David raised the bank’s profile from 12th to 3rd in Euromoney, scaled from 2% market share to 11.1%, and ranked 2nd in electronic markets handling 1 in 5 trades. 

Upon leaving in 2010 to set up MahiMarkets, their goal was to form the next generation of trading capabilities in this area. Today, their goal is to assist companies in all areas of their electronic trading transformation.